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A film says a thousand pictures


If a picture says a thousand words then moving pictures say even more! Video is becoming ever more popular on websites - to promote all sorts of products and services. And using library footage of scenes from Languedoc or Provence in the south of France can do a lot to help promote your property or business.



We offer a number of services in terms of video library footage of the south of France:

  • ORIGINAL VIDEO - we can shoot video footage in and around your property in Languiedoc or Provence in addition to the stills service, and create bespoke films for use on the web or on DVDs
  • VIDEO FROM OUR LIBRARY - we have a growing library of videos of scenes from the Languedoc, Provence and the South of France that can be used on your website or on a DVD
  • VIDEO 'MIXES' - we can mix our own video, supplied video and static images - and even add music - for use on your website or on a DVD

We now shoot all our footage in full 1080p HD Video and can even create DVD’s for use in promoting your business.

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